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To apply, find our course on the public website of BEST and show us your motivation!

Welcome to the official website of BEST Aachen's Spring Course 2015!

Here you can find all kind of information about our Course. This year’s course will be all about material science:


We'll take 22 students from all over Europe on a trip to the world of material science and current research areas. They will learn about the importance of new materials and how they affect our lives.


Students of Universities with Local BEST Groups can apply to this course through the public website of BEST.


Students of the RWTH Aachen University can apply to some activities of the Academic Part, details will be provided in the near future. They furthermore have the opportunity to apply to courses organised by other Local BEST Groups on the public website of BEST.


Companies and Institutes, as well as organisations, who share our vision of the Empowered Diversity, an environment in which students of different cultural and academic backgrounds can communicate, collaborate and thus reach their full potential, can cooperate with us in this event. We’ll be glad to provide you with specific information - for more details, see the Partner’s section.


Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Your BEST Aachen Team

The Oldest Rule:

"New is Always Better"

Impact of new materials on our lives

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